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CHATGPT PROMPTS that Make Assessment Faster & Easier

Updated: May 8, 2023

Assessment is an essential part of teaching, but it can be time-consuming and tedious. However, with the help of ChatGPT, the process can be simplified and made more efficient. In this blog post, we will explore with example prompts how ChatGPT can assist you in grading, generating tests, and creating rubrics.

I created this video to show examples of real-time applications.

Automated Grading:

ChatGPT can quickly analyze student responses and provide a score, reducing the time and effort spent on manual grading. One way to do this is by copying and pasting the essay and asking ChatGPT for feedback. ChatGPT can provide detailed feedback on the essay, highlighting the strengths and areas for improvement.

Another approach for grading is to provide ChatGPT with the rubric for the assignment. By doing so, you can get more specific and detailed feedback on what they are looking for in student writing. ChatGPT can use the rubric to provide more accurate feedback and grading.

Example Prompts:

1. "Provide feedback on this paper written by a 10th grader on the topic of environmental pollution."

2. "Analyze the student essay and provide a score using this rubric for a persuasive essay."

3. "Please provide detailed feedback on the organization and coherence of this student essay on the American Revolution."

4. "Provide suggestions for improvement on this student's personal narrative essay about their summer vacation."

5. "What grade would you give this student's expository essay on the history of the internet? Provide specific feedback on the clarity of the writing.

Generating Quizzes and Tests:

ChatGPT can create quizzes and tests quickly, freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of teaching. Teachers can input the topic, the number, and type of questions to generate a quiz or test. The questions can be further refined to make them suitable for the level of students and their specific needs.

Example Prompts:

1. "Generate a multiple-choice quiz with 15 questions on the topic of Ancient Greece."

2. "Create a 20-question fill-in-the-blank test on the subject of U.S. history."

3. "Generate a true/false quiz with 10 questions on the topic of genetics."

4. "Create a matching quiz with 12 questions on literary devices and their definitions."

5. "Generate a short-answer quiz with 8 questions on the scientific method."

6. "Generate a crossword puzzle with 15 clues on the topic of geography."

7. "Create a 15-question fill-in-the-blank test on the subject of Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' for 11th-grade students. The questions should include a mix of comprehension, analysis, and evaluation levels of difficulty."

Rubric Design:

ChatGPT can help you generate rubrics based on assignment instructions, making it easier to grade according to the same set of criteria. You can enter the assignment instructions and ask ChatGPT to generate a rubric. ChatGPT can provide a table that outlines the different levels of proficiency in students' responses, making it easy to understand and use.

Example Prompts:

1. "Generate a rubric for a persuasive essay on the topic of climate change, with the following criteria: thesis statement, evidence, counterargument, conclusion, and grammar."

2. "Create a rubric for a group presentation on the history of the United States, with the following criteria: research, organization, delivery, visual aids, and teamwork."

3. "Generate a rubric for a science experiment on the topic of cellular respiration, with the following criteria: hypothesis, materials, procedure, data collection, and analysis."

4. "Create a rubric for a literature review on the topic of symbolism in 'The Great Gatsby', with the following criteria: thesis statement, research, organization, analysis, and grammar."

5. "Generate a rubric for a foreign language oral exam on the topic of daily routines, with the following criteria: fluency, vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar."

* Add “Format the rubric in a table” if you want to see the rubric as a table.

I hope these prompts help you save time and make learning more fun and engaging for your students. Happy Teaching!

Learn about how chatgpt can help you generate content for your courses in this video.

To access additional teaching resources, visit my BLOG

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