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AI Quiz Question Generator Tools

Updated: May 8, 2023

AI Quiz Question Generator tools can quickly generate questions in just a few clicks. In this blog, we'll explore 7 of the best AI Quiz Question Generator tools available today.

AI Quiz Question Generator Tools:

1. is the world’s first AI-powered platform for creating questions, quizzes, and notes. With just four simple steps, you can have a list of questions to go. Enter your topic, select your domain, and choose the keywords that will help generate the best questions possible. Review the content, and make any necessary edits or skip the review part. You can further customize the questions to your liking, and participants can take the quiz online and check their answers.

AI Quiz Question Generator

2. is an AI-powered quiz generator that works in any language. It can quickly convert any text, document, or URL into an interactive quiz with ease. Creating a quiz is simple. Upload the content, select the question type, choose the difficulty level, and select the number of questions. Once you click on the "generate" button, quizgecko will do the rest. Participants can take the quiz online, check their answers, and even use flashcards to study.

how to create quiz questions using

3. allows you to enter a text length of 50 to 2000 words and choose from four different types of questions: multiple choice, higher order, fill in the blanks, and True/false. You can also opt for the option of Bloom’s Taxonomy generator, where it generates questions of different levels of bloom’s taxonomy. You can customize the questions to your liking and use them for different purposes.

how to create quiz questions using

4. is another super easy to use platform. Choose the question type, number of questions, choose the grade, and the topic. You also have the option to insert the content of up to 1200 words and choose the type of questions. Participants can take the quiz on a user-friendly platform and check their answers once they're done.

how to create quiz questions using

5. is a great site that has a lot of features and can help you generate questions for different purposes such as lesson plans, discussion questions, and more. You can enter the topic and the grade level of your choice, choose word clouds, drawings, open-ended questions, and more. Participants can join the activity by using the pin code and engage in interactive activities. [To learn about the other features in curipod, read this blog post]

create quiz questions using curipod

6. Similar to Curipod, Copilot has a ton of interesting features to help make your lessons more interactive and exciting. You can give your quiz a name, then enter the topic and the grade level you want to target. From there, you can either enter the key content you want the quiz to focus on, or let copilot auto-generate the content for you. It's easy, fast, and super convenient.

create quiz questions using

7. ChatGPT is a powerful tool for generating and refining questions. You can type in a prompt, such as "generate 10 multiple-choice quiz questions with answers on the topic of nutrition using the following content, and copy and paste the content." You can even add to the prompt to get questions of varying levels of difficulty. ChatGPT will deliver ten impressive questions with answers that are sure to amaze you. Read more on Chatgpt prompts for grading, creating tests and designing rubrics in this post.

quiz questions and chatgpt

AI Quiz Question Generator tools are a game-changer in the field of education and assessment. With these tools, you can save time and effort in creating fun and interactive quizzes for your students.

I created this 8 min video to show you examples of real-time applications.

To access additional teaching resources, visit my Blog | Drzawanalbulushi

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