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8 Best AI Presentation Makers, Compared & Reviewed (2023 edition)

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have artificial intelligence handle your slide creation? Well, wonder no more! In this blog post, I will be comparing and reviewing eight popular AI presentation makers: Tome, Gamma, Simplified, Slidesgpt, Magicslides, Canva, Chatgpt, and Slidesai. Throughout this comprehensive analysis, we will explore their unique features, limitations, and ease of use.

AI Presentation Maker Comparison Table

To ensure a fair comparison, I tested each of the eight AI slide makers with the example topic of 'solar system.' Based on the information collected from these examples, I have synthesized the data into a comparison table. This table evaluates the eight AI presentation makers based on several key factors, including processing time, image quality, content depth, theme options, and the availability of the export option in the free version.

This table compares 8 top ai presentation maker based on processing time, quality of content and images, theme selection and the export option availability
AI Presentation Maker Comparison Table

Let's start with Tome. Tome is not just an ordinary AI-powered storytelling format; it offers a remarkable slide creation tool that makes creating presentations a breeze. With just a few clicks and a topic in mind, you'll have a stunning set of slides ready in seconds. Utilizing Dalle 2 for generating rich and detailed images, Tome guarantees visually captivating presentations. Although the free version lacks a download option, sharing slides with a link and automatic saving in your account make it incredibly convenient. Tome shines in its ability to swiftly create accurate and comprehensive presentations. (AI Presentation Maker) produced this slide. It is very comprehensive in terms of content

Next up is Gamma, a creative powerhouse in the AI slide-making domain. This remarkable tool offers outstanding features that allow you to effortlessly craft engaging presentations. With a free account, you can get started in no time. Simply choose 'presentation,' enter your topic, and Gamma will instantly generate an outline. The best part? In just a few seconds, you'll have a professionally designed presentation at your fingertips, thanks to its various themes and unique slide designs. Get ready to be impressed by Gamma's eye-catching content. (AI Presentation Maker) made this slide which has accurate information and stunning images

Moving on to Simplified, an AI tool known for its storytelling excellence. If you crave presentations with a captivating narrative, Simplified is the way to go. Registering an account lets you dive into the world of AI-generated presentations. Choose 'AI Presentation,' input your topic, and get ready to be amazed by the 37 template options available. The content's engaging language and high-quality images will surely captivate your audience.

Simplified ai (AI Presentation Maker) produced this slide. The content is written in story-like format. The image is well-chosen
Simplified ai offers an impressive platform for creating unlimited presentations with ease. With its free plan, you can quickly share your creations and access basic design templates. Simply enter your topic and choose a white or colored theme (although color options are limited. It's important to note that the free version is "view only", meaning you won't be able to edit the slides. Nonetheless, it serves as an excellent source of inspiration for your own presentations.

SlidesGPT (AI Presentation Maker) produced this slide that includes comprehensive information and the image is also accurate

If you're a Google Slides user, you should consider MagicSlides as a plugin. Simply provide your topic, select the desired number of slides, and if you wish, add images to each slide. Keep in mind that some generated images might not perfectly match your content. Despite this drawback, MagicSlides offers an efficient way to generate detailed slides that will captivate your audience.

Magic Slides (AI Presentation Maker) produced this slide. It gives information about the sun as part in the solar system. There is little information but the image is accurate.

Canva, well-known for its visually appealing content, also offers a 'Magic Design' feature tailored for presentations. While it generates slides in seconds, the content might lack depth, and certain images may not always align perfectly with your topic. While Canva is great for creating quick presentations, you may need to invest some time in fine-tuning the details.

CANVA (Magic Design) produced this slide. It has basic information about the topic of the slide and the image is not quite relevant to the content.
Canva (Magic Design)

ChatGPT, a popular AI language model, has introduced plugins specifically designed for creating slides. Available to paid subscribers, these plugins include 'Smart Slides' and 'Slide Maker'. Though they provide relatively basic content, 'Slide Maker' offers slightly more detail. It’s important to note that customization options for themes and formatting are limited at this stage, suggesting further room for improvement. Nonetheless, these plugins are worth exploring if you're seeking AI-powered solutions for your slide creation needs.

ChatGPT Plugin smart slides made this image. It has basic information and one image that is relevant to the content.
ChatGPT (Smart Slides Plugin)
information about the sun written briefly
ChatGPT (Slide Maker Plugin) is another AI slide maker that allows you to create presentation slides in seconds. To get started, simply install the app from the Google Workspace Marketplace. Then, create a new presentation in Google Slides, choose under the 'Extensions' tab, and click on 'Generate Slides'. It is worthy to note that compared to other AI slide makers, the generated content may seem slightly brief, and the images might not always align with the context. Nonetheless, offers a convenient solution for creating slides quickly.

information about the planets and a picture showing two planets

As you have seen, there is a wide array of exceptional presentation making tools available to cater to presenters of various levels and requirements. Regardless of the tool you opt for, you can effortlessly create captivating and visually striking presentations that will undoubtedly impress your audience. Now is the perfect time to put your skills to the test and explore these tools to determine which one best suits your needs. Best of luck on your presentation journey!

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