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12 Must-Know TIPS for a Successful First Day of Class

Updated: May 8, 2023

The first day of class can set the tone for the entire semester. It's a chance to create a positive first impression and establish a comfortable learning environment. To make the most of this opportunity, here are 12 must-know tips for a successful first day of class.

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1. Arrive early and walk around the class: Arriving early allows you to greet students and get to know them. Walking around the room and introducing yourself to students can help you build relationships and create a more comfortable learning environment.

first day of class

2. Dress professionally: Dressing professionally helps you establish credibility and set the tone for the class. It shows that you take your job seriously and are prepared to help students succeed.

3. Tell students how you wish to be addressed: Telling students how you want to be addressed sets the tone for the level of formality and respect you expect in the classroom. It can also help establish your authority as the teacher.

4. Tell a story about yourself: Sharing a personal story can help you connect with your students and make the class more engaging. It can also help students see you as a real person and feel more comfortable asking questions. [Watch this video about how to elevate your storytelling skills]

5. Provide a visual syllabus: Visual syllabi can help students understand the course expectations and requirements more clearly. They can also help students stay organized and on track throughout the semester. [Learn more about online resources to create visual syllabi in a range of majors here].

6. Help students see the value of your course in the real world: Connecting course material to real-world situations can help students see the relevance of what they are learning. It can also make the class more interesting and engaging.

tips for the first day of class

7. Show enthusiasm and passion about the course materials: Showing enthusiasm and passion can help students stay engaged and interested in the class. It can also help establish a positive classroom environment.

8. Introduce the big ideas: Introducing key concepts and ideas early on can help students see the big picture and understand how the course material fits together. It can also help create curiosity and interest in the subject matter.

9. Use icebreakers: Icebreakers can help students feel more comfortable and build relationships with their classmates. They can also help create a more positive and engaging classroom environment.

10. Offer advice on how to do well in your class: Giving students tips on how to succeed in the class can help them stay on track and feel more confident. It can also help them develop good study habits and skills.

11. Show them that they are worth more than the grade: Letting students know that you care about their success and well-being can help create a more positive and supportive classroom environment. It can also help students feel more motivated to do their best.

first day of class

12. Make sure you smile: Smiling can help create a positive and welcoming classroom environment. It can also help students feel more comfortable and at ease.

first day of class

And here's a bonus tip: try to worry less about the teaching and focus more on making the first day a fun experience for your students. Students will always remember how a teacher made them feel.

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